The Top 10 Secrets of Stylish Women

Between career, family, finding time for ourselves and all of the things, stepping out the door with style every day can seem impossible. But, trust us, there are a few attainable things that fashionable women do to look painlessly put-together. 1.... Read more

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The ultimate Dad Jokes list— and the reason why fathers tell them

FATHERS, PLEASE NOTE. Whenever your child says "I’m ready" it is a legal requirement that you say: "Hello, Ready, I’m Dad!" The telling of extremely lame "jokes" has been a duty for adult males since the first people evolved. ("Got any... Read more

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Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic mix

(Reuters Health) - Hair products used primarily by black women and children contain a host of hazardous chemicals, a new study shows.The findings could explain at least in part why African-American women go through puberty earlier and suffer from... Read more

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Twitter changes strategy in battle against internet ‘trolls’

San Francisco (Reuters): Twitter Inc. on Tuesday (15 May) revised its strategy for fighting abusive internet “trolls,” saying it would use behavioural signals to identify harassers on the social network and then limit the visibility of their... Read more

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In an interplanetary first, NASA to fly a helicopter on Mars

NASA's Mars Helicopter, a small, autonomous rotorcraft, which will travel with the agency's Mars 2020 rover, currently scheduled to launch in July 2020, to demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the Red Planet, is... Read more

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China launches first rocket designed by a private company

BEIJING (Reuters): China launched its first privately developed rocket from a launchpad in northwestern China on Thursday, state media said, the latest milestone in the country’s ambitious space exploration program.Since coming to office in... Read more

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US House passes overhaul of music laws

US: The US House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday to overhaul how musicians are compensated for the playing of songs, agreeing to revamp antiquated regulations as streaming shakes up the industry. The reform package still needs to... Read more

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Cambridge Analytica: Facebook data-harvest firm to shut

Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy at the centre of the Facebook data-sharing scandal, is shutting down. The firm was accused of improperly obtaining personal information on behalf of political clients. According to Facebook, data about... Read more

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2018: Nobel Literature Prize postponed

SWEDEN: The Swedish Academy said Friday it would postpone this year's Nobel Literature Prize for the first time in almost 70 years, as it is rocked by turmoil over links to a man accused of rape and sexual assault. “The Swedish Academy intends... Read more

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Your kids according to zodiac signs

Capricorn: Capricorn kiddos are old souls, and you’ll sometimes marvel at their level of maturity (it can seem like they’re wise senior citizens living in young bodies). Because of this, they gravitate toward older friends, and adore... Read more

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‘Peter Rabbit’ to get a sequel

Director Will Gluck will be back to helm the sequel of ‘Peter Rabbit’, which is slated to open in 2020. According to a reports, it has dated ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ for release on February 7, 2020 in the US and March 27, 2020 in the... Read more

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Farmers Grow Vegetables in the Desert Using Solar Energy and Seawater

Sundrop Farms is located in the South Australian desert, fully operating on solar energy and desalinated seawater. All the vegetables are grown in greenhouses, standing in a pretty lonely place. Construction of the farm is the result of the... Read more

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Modigliani sells for $157.2 mn in New York: Sotheby's

A stunning nude that is the largest painting produced by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani sold for $157.2 million in New York on Monday, becoming the fourth most expensive work of art sold at auction. Painted a century ago, Modigliani's... Read more

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Apple Kills Off Old School USB Ports on New Macbook Pro

Apple just announced a lineup of three new MacBook Pro laptops, each of which is decked out with four USB Type-C ports. Apple both confused and stunned the world with the decision to not include an audio jack on the recent iPhone 7. Now they have... Read more

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The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant is Completed in India

India just unveiled images of what could be the world's largest solar plant. The plant, in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, comes with a capacity of 648 MW and covers an area of 10 sqm/km. Prior to this, Topaz Solar Farm in California was the largest solar... Read more

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