Ceiling TypeWidth(mm)Length(mm)Thickness(mm)Edge Type
C-shaped Closed Strip    CeilingC50≤6000mm0.5-0.6Straight Edge
C1000.5-0.7Beveled Edge
C1500.5-0.8Straight Edge
C2000.6-0.9Beveled Edge
C3000.8-1.0Beveled Edge

MaterialsPanel material: Aluminum
Wood grain and any RAL color
We accept OEM designs
DimensionSize:C50, C100,150,C200,C300mm
Aluminum thickness: 0.6mm- 1.0mm
Customer made available
Feature1)Open structure with wind resistance
2)The interval is rich sense of hierarchy for its free adjustment
3)Beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice;
4)Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather    resistance;
Surface ProcessPowder coating, roller coating
Application1)Supermarket, marketplace
2)Underground, Airport, Bus station
3)Building lobby, Metro station
4)Hotel, Restaurant, Railway station
5)School, Office, Meeting room, Hospital
6)Commercial building, Libraries, Museums
7)Bookstores, Tourist resort

1. Beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice;
2. Custom made metal walls available to coordinate with ceilings and other interior / exterior finish;
3. Nice pigment wet ability, no static, non - flammable;
4. Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance;
5. Multiple accessibility options;
6. Various standard and wide choice perforations;
7. Easy & fast to install;
8. Certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, GB/T28001-2011, SONCAP, SGS Test etc;

C - shaped Closed Strip Ceiling is with unique production technology, which is the superior product with professional mold design, even panel surface, distinct edges & lines, and clear & concise. All of these create a pleasant visual space. It has multiple accessibility options which are custom made to support the use of the C - shaped Closed Strip Ceiling.

Industrial and civil buildings, special buildings, large span steel structure, interior wall decoration, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums, anti - corrosion of steel structures, oil platform, ships, chemical pipelines, airplane, bridges, partition panel etc.
C - shaped Closed Strip Ceiling features at fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance. The colors keep fresh for a long time. Many kinds of sizes are available. It’s widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, railway station, airport, big clubs and etc.
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