Solidago Decurrens Extract
 Solidago Decurrens Extract
 SupplierShaanxi Longfu Biochemical CO.,LTD.
 Latin NameSolidago decurrens Lour.AppearanceFine Powder
 Part of UsedThe Whole HerbColorYellowish-brown
 ExtractionTypeSolvent ExtractionRatio4:1-20:1
 GradePharmaceutical&FoodTest MethodTLC
 StorageStore in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat
 Shelf lifeTwo years under well storage situation
Golden Rod (Solidago) species are perennials growing from woody caudices or rhizomes. They have stems that can be decumbent to ascending or erect, ranging in height from 5 to 100 or more centimeters. Some species have stems that branch near the top. Some Solidago species are hairless others have strigose, strigillose, hispid, or short-villous hairs. The basal leaves in some species remain persistent through flowering, while in others the basal leaves are shed before flowering. The leaf margins are often serrate, and leaf faces may be hairless or densely hairy; the distal leaves are sometimes 3-nerved, and hairless or sparsely to densely hairy with scabrous, strigillose, or villous hairs. In some species the upper leaves are stipitate-glandular or sometimes resinous. The flowering heads usually radiate, sometimes discoid, with (1&ndash2 to 1500+ florets in racemiform (club-shaped or pyramidal), paniculiform or corymbo-paniculiform, or sometimes secund arrays. The involucres are campanulate to cylindric or attenuate. The ray florets are pistillate and fertile. The corollas are yellow or rarely white and are usually hairless. The disc florets are bisexual and fertile and number 2 to 35 typically, but in some species there may be up to 60 florets. The corollas
of the disc florets are yellow and the tubes are shorter than the throats. The fruits are cypselae, which are narrowly obconic to cylindric in shape, they are sometimes somewhat compressed. The cypselae have 8 to  10 ribs usually and are hairless or moderately covered with stiff slender bristles. The pappi are very big with barbellate bristles.

1. Anti-bacterial anti-virus : has a wider antibacterial effect, but the protein can be inactivated in the body . In vitro experiments showed that antiviral activity against vaccinia and adenovirus strong inhibition , followed by polio  and parainfluenza viruses 2. Anti- snake venom : caffeic acid 3 mg dose completely inhibited by 20 mg ring tail snake venom phosphodiesterase , as anti- venom agents .
3. Other effects : oral or intraperitoneal injection , the rats of caffeic acid can increase the excitability ; oral , human stomach can increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid , and can slow pulse ; can enhance the tension of the uterus , this effect can be antagonized by papaverine , and atropine is not affected; increase bile secretion in rats

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