Furniture tabletop glass
Below are the edge types:
Flat edge
Pencil edge
Beveled edge - all beveled edges 0.5" - 1.5"
Ogee edge
Other edge styles available upon request
polished edge is chosen most often.
Flat Polished: Offers a minimalist look
Beveled Polished: Fancy angles that look clean and sophisticated.
Pencil Polished: This popular edge looks like a lead pencil with its rounded, polished edge.
Ogee Polished: A gentle "S" shape that will delight your eyes!.
Table top glass as daily home life and work of the necessary furniture, its security must be guaranteed. Recommend the use of tempered glass.
Tempered particle size is our quality control of the most important part. At the very beginning of each order, we smashed the glass with a hammer, measured the particle size, and recorded it.
Equipment: It has more than one large advanced automatic processing equipments. Cutting machine,Full automatic bilateral grinding machine,Corner rounding machine,Drilling machine,CNC,Waterjet cutting machine,Screen process press,Neptun quickdrill/quickmill machine,Toughening furnace.
The reason you choose TSING GLASS:
1.Accurate size
2.Beautiful polished edge
3.Beauty box with your logo packing are available
4.Precision engineering, premium materials and flexible custom size, safety packing your best choiceBeveled Edges Glass