Oven for Baking
Model: KQC80-A2
Rated Voltage: 200V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Input Power: 2600W
Capacity: 80L
Product Size: 595×595×550mm
Installation Size(Embed): 600×600×605mm
Installation Size(External): 565×580×560mm
1.Large Capacity
An enormous 80 litre cavity, is more than enough room for you to roast a big joint of meat at the same time as cooking a few trays of vegetables. So it’ll be easier to coordinate mealtimes, as you can cook your main and side dishes all at the same time.
2.Good Looking
With black glass design, add style to your kitchen.
3.9 Functions
Multifunctional oven, gives you more ways to cook. With the function of Fast heating, Wind baking, Baking, Bottom heating, Defrosting, Fan baking, Barbecuing, Strong barbecuing, Cooling/Ventilating fan
4.Easy to Clean Enamel Cavity
5.Easy touch Control
6.Hidden bottom heating element
7.Removable rack support
8.Large viewing window
Panel introduction:

9 Functions of the oven:
1. Fast heating
The heat is derived from the heating element in the rear and upper part of the fan. This is 30% faster than the standard roast preheating. Fast-heating is most ideal for preheated frozen foods. Appetizers, pizzas, pastries, meat fillings, and fruit pies can be directly put it in the oven for heating. The effect would be best if the food is cooked in the top half of the oven.
2. Wind baking
The heat comes from the components around the fan which drives the heat to cycle inside the chamber. You can bake food in different positions in the oven simultaneously. This functions faster than single baking. Notice: Different hues after baking are normal.
3. Baking
The heat comes from two parts, one is above the food, and the other below the food(the bottom of the oven layer). Both are controlled by a thermostat which is kept at a set temperature by switching between the state of being on and off. This function can be used to bake cookies, scones, muffins, pastries, meat slices, steamer-bearing food, baked puddings and crunchy eggshells.
4. Bottom heating
The heat comes from below the food (the bottom of the oven layer). The heating element is controlled by a thermostat which is kept at a set temperature by switching between the state of being on and off, and this may increase the brown color at the bottom of the pizzas, pies and pastries.
5. Defrosting
It is the fan that drives the circulation of low-temperature air to achieve defrost function, and the food can be defrosted before barbecuing. It can also be used to increase the fermentation of dough, or to dry fruits, vegetables and wild vegetables.
6. Fan baking
The heat comes from the two heating elements above the liner. Two functions of roasting and regular baking are offered. When the oven door is closed, the fan circulates hot air and the heating elements begin to keep a set temperature by switching between the state of being on and off. Barbecue meat has the same effect as roasting meat. Place the food on the bottom of the penultimate grill and place a baking tray for scattered debris. Do not invert the food during the barbecue.
7. Barbecuing
Bring the radiant heat from the upper heating element to the food to barbecue tender meat, steaks, cheesecakes, and other quick-baking foods. The effect may be best if you close the oven door and preheat the grill for three minutes.
8. Strong barbecuing
Bring the radiant heat from the two upper heating elements to the food. The property of the large bending area of roast basin can be taken advantage of to roast tender meat, sausage, pastries and other quick-baking foods. Its barbecuing speed is faster than the normal barbecuing speed. The effect may be best if you close the oven door to barbecue after preheating the grill for three minutes.
9. Cooling/Ventilating fan
The embedded oven comes with a cooling fan that runs as long as the temperature in the oven exceeds 90 ℃. It blows hot air over the top of the oven door, and even after the oven is off, the fan will run and cool the oven.
Packing and Weight:
Model KQC80-A2
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